Renaissance is a privately owned company with extensive experience in the real estate industry. Supported by a multidiscipline team of professionals, our broad capabilities for land planning, development, marketing and sales bring our land owner’s projects from concept to final completion.
On a regional scale, we have developed in excess of 8,000 acres of land creating commercial centers, industrial parks and thousands of quality master planned residential lots. Renaissance prides itself on its proven excellence in leadership, knowledge, and hands on ability to successfully plan, develop and deliver projects.

Our Passion

Our Passion lies in creating value by transforming raw land into entitled master planned property, approved subdivisions and completed projects. We primarily focus on the development of residential and commercial master planned communities in western Fayette County.

Our Financial Vision

We recognize that many of our land owner’s greatest wealth is held in real estate. With the myriad of factors and influences that are constantly affecting the value of real estate, our mission is to stay ever vigilant over the land entrusted to us by our land partners. Our financial mission is to create great value for our land partners by recognizing and acting upon opportunities to enhance the value of their land.

Our Community Vision

Renaissance recognizes the importance of community and makes it a point to give back to the community we serve. It is our goal to balance growth with the importance of community involvement and we are committed to designing, creating and building the highest quality projects that will provide a legacy for future generations to enjoy.

Our Company Mission Statement

Our primary mission is to actively manage our land owner’s property so as to continually enhance its value as a long-term investment. The mission of Renaissance is to masterfully plan, design and create developments that promote the preservation of the natural environment while meeting the humanistic needs of the land owners and communities we serve. We achieve our goals by combining our vast experience with our long-standing network of governmental and professional relationships.

Our Core Values

•  We follow the golden rule in all of our decision-making.
•  We consistently evaluate all of our decisions based on what’s the right thing – the equitable thing to do?
•  We focus on recognizing and utilizing opportunities within our area of expertise for the betterment of our land owners and our community.
•  We will be effective, both practically and financially, in all we do.
•We hold ourselves, our employees and our contractors accountable in order to make certain that we are maximizing our gifts, our abilities and our business to be as effective as absolutely possible.
•  Honesty and integrity are the driving force behind the development of our projects and business relationships.
•  We employ talented, ethical and motivated people and pride ourselves on providing the highest level of professionalism.
•  We greatly respect the land entrusted to us.
•  We strive to create master planned communities that balance growth with preservation.
•  We are committed to designing the highest quality communities that will leave a legacy for future generations to enjoy.
•  We recognize that our expertise derives from our long-standing network of professional relationships.

Our Community Involvement

Renaissance supports programs and organizations that aim to enhance and strengthen the communities we serve. Our goal is to promote not only the ideals of the company but also those of our land owners we represent. What is important to our land owners and our community is important to us. We strive to be a supportive corporate neighbor.

Our Environmental Commitment

We are committed to being an environmentally responsible company. We appreciate that diligence in the protection of our environment is essential to our communities as well as to our business. A safe and healthy ecosystem is vital to all living things and this premise is the driving force behind our commitment to extend our efforts well beyond compliance and achieve excellence. Renaissance is a leader in the use of innovative planning concepts that safeguard our environment, preserve meaningful open space, improve air and water quality, and advance the value of life within our communities.

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